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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The New Albertanism: Contours of Consensus

What is "the New Albertanism"?

As stated in the masthead of Albertanicus, this weblog aims to be "calling for a New Albertanism that moves beyond the Separatist movement."

The challenge arises to define what this New Albertanism is.

In response, it is more accessible to present some main pillars of the New Albertanism, rather than an academic treatise on the subject. The simple fact is that the New Albertanism is the philosophy of most Albertans, whether derrick-hands, home-makers, or market analysts. It follows as well that the pillars of the New Albertanism form the architecture of agreement among Albertans.

The New Albertanism defines the contours of consensus.

Pillars of the New Albertanism:

1) No longer seeks to win political influence in Ottawa through federal politics.

This doesn't mean that Albertans will absent themselves from Federal elections. Rather, it refers to the attitude of Albertans who no longer pin their hopes for change on the success of a federal political party. Albertans will continue to elect the people to represent their interests federally, but they will not expend their best energies on a system that will not permit them to have success.

By contrast, some will continue to believe that the myth of influence can become a reality. However, the New Albertanism does not wish to be myopic any longer, but to clearly act in light of existing realities.

2) Considers independence, autonomy, refederation or separation as possible options to be explored, but wishes to look before leaping.

This attitude among Albertans expresses their common-sense caution, while earnestly seeking new solutions to existing problems.

They may not want to be called separatists because they want to have a clearer idea of what a separated Alberta will look like. But the fact that they are sympathetic to the notion shows that they are not willing to continue in futile efforts at the federal level.

3) Does not comply with the efforts of oligarchies to dismantle the hallmarks of Western Civilization.

Canada is being characterized by oligarchy (rule by a few). These self-appointed gatekeepers will only allow opinion that aids the erosion of tested norms and maxims of the West. The abolition of exclusive heterosexual marriage, merit in labor, and differentiation without discrimination have been the inherent pursuit of the Intelligentsia class. Albertans will not allow this self-appointed ruling class to rule any longer. They can still have a voice, but one that is not disproportionate to their position in a democracy.

4) Wishes to see Alberta flourish as a leader among other nations.

Although relatively small in land-mass, Alberta has had exponential growth in its influence throughout the global community. Although relatively young, Alberta has quickly earned a voice in the most significant corridors of power.

By combining keen productivity and a desire for moral integrity, Alberta has been a model for other nations who wish to better themselves, rather than bolster their elites.

5) Does not want to continue to be seen as 'guilty by association' because of the Federal Government's scandal and cowardice.

The erosion of Canada from a nation of proud history with a heritage of integrity has had many implications. On the world scene, Canada enjoys a reputation for weakness, opportunism, immaturity and irresponsibility.

The fact that Albertans wish to distance themselves from this reputation stems from their own moral disdain for the federal government's actions. Albertans no longer wish to be complicit in the folly of the Federal government.

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