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Friday, October 28, 2005

Alberta: Vortex of Freedom

Alberta has been a labour magnet for years. Towns like Brooks are known for the number of Maritimers who live and work there. And the phenomenon will only continue as this example shows:

Ron Christie, 51, packed up his family and moved to Alberta after the pulp mill in Nackawic, N.B., went bankrupt last year, leaving 400 people without work or pensions.

Christie, a heavy-equipment mechanic, has started his own business servicing oil field companies. Now, relatives from New Brunswick are following him to Alberta.

"There are so many opportunities here," Christie says in an interview from his home in Grande Prairie, Alta.

"My son just moved out here and started work at a retread plant. Already they're giving him a big raise. Even at McDonald's, the full-time rate is $11.25 an hour."

Christie says he may go back to New Brunswick one of these days - to retire. He says he won't be going back to work in shaky industries propped up by political expediency and taxpayers' loans.

"It's a whole different attitude towards work out here," he says. "Businesses aren't waiting around, looking for government handouts."

It is rare to hear this kind of testimony outside of Alberta (of course every Albertan knows the truth of it). Tax cuts are the simplest and yet most effective way to produce economic vibrancy. But the Nanny-State-Knows-Best attitude would rather drive prosperity into the ground while fiddling with people's money and dishing it out to them in bits (Sounds like the Canadian Wheat Board).

The 'Vortex of Freedom' which is Alberta will continue to draw the best and brightest from the Maritime region and from regions beyond. Don't be afraid to let it pull you in too!

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Ron is a model, I salute him and welcome him and his family. I hope he works real hard and make a success of his buiness, Albertians believe in doing not whinning. The feds feel like outsiders when they are not the architects of good fortune, so they tend to punish who do it for them selfs. Votes in the east you know, must stay in power. It shouldn't take Ron to long to figue that out. Go Ron Go!!!

I am glad to see somebody who gets the "Vortex of Freedom". I, as a Libertarian in the United States, started my website last year to show the benefits of free markets, among other things.
Among other things, I believe that the poor are helped most when it is a moral obligation and not a government mandate. And what you mentioned about Montana in "Americans want to be like Albertans" is unfortunately happening throughout the US. Every problem government tries to fix causes two additional problems and raises our taxes. Hopefully, people will soon understand the dangers of government intervention.

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