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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Canada's Falling Integrity

In case you weren't aware, Canada is becoming more corrupt.

And for added proof, Canada has recently been ranked as the 14th least corrupt nation in the world, which seems pretty good, until you see that Canada used to be ranked in the top 5 perennially.

Whether the glass is viewed as half full or half empty, the fact is that there is an ethical, to say nothing of the democratic, deficit in the Canadian halls of power.

But in this democracy, who is to blame? Ultimately the voters who continue to elect increasingly corrupt governments.

Yet to lay blame, is to assign responsibility. And the abdication of responsibility in Canada is as symptomatic among the populace as it is among the politicians.

Calling Canada by the moniker Bananada, or Canuckistan, or whatever, is to call it as one sees it.

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I worked in the aviation electronics and communications field and I have had quite a few American and British contractors tell me that although they are qualified to bid on NATO or Canadian Military contracts they dont bother any more because they know the bidding process is rigged to favor a group of 6 Quebec companies.

Essentiallythey are reacting to this corruption and word of mouth travels fast in the manifacturing sector. Many American manufacturers pass over Canadian companues in a contract bid because they equate us all with the sleazy insider politics and shoddy quality of the government's nepotistic few.

There is a price tag for a bad rep in business. Martin wouldn't know that because he has been an insider dealer who avoided the open competition of the free market all his career. Like most corporate liberals he thinks a rigged game is just fine. He runs our nation and government like this as well.

The anecdote is much appreciated, WLM.

I find particularly interesting your characterization of the 'corporate liberals' such as Paul Martin.

Being near Bay Street I have seen how the 'rigged game' is the game of choice. Since the Reform Partiers or Western CPCers don't hobnob in the mansions of Rosedale with all the Upper Canada Establishment, they will never gain the support of the 'corporate liberals' much less a liberal electorate.

There is nothing new here, Canada is a nation of elitest. Albertians in increasing numbers simply shake their heads and sigh. Canada's national institutions are all corupt! They always have been, it nice that that public now can see more of it. From the courts on down to the CBC, these people are picked for these posts because of their political tilt and not due to any paticular skill set. Hummm...I am some what surprised that Canada rated as high as 14th. Any way Alberta's only real option will be to move in its own direction and distance it's self as far from Canada as possible. Canada's future is looking dimmer all the time, with scandal after scandal. What a shame the majority of people in central and eastern Canada continue to support this coruption by supporting their set social values over any chance of honest government, but that is Canada. The devil you know!!

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