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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dinning on the Move

Jim Dinning is starting to rev up his campaign to replace Ralph Klein.

His 'top issues' are stated in the following:

He pointed out that education is the most important issue facing Albertans, citing the dropout rate is among the highest in the country. He said that primary resources such as oil and the forests are important and that after the BSE crisis “we can’t rely on Americans.” Rounding out his top three issues facing Albertans was Western provinces needing to be stronger and become better allies to deal with Ottawa.

Regarding regionalism within Alberta, Dinning said:

Asked if he’s focusing his campaign on a specific region he said:“I’m an Alberta candidate. I’m not Calgary, I’m not Edmonton, I am Alberta. I’m addressing issues that cross the entire province, not just urban issues and not just rural issues either. Alberta’s got too big a role to play to have rural pitted against urban or north against south. I don’t play those kind of politics and I don’t like it when it’s done.”

Dinning sounds pretty un-radical. However, in a good economy, it will take a rival candidate of powerful acumen, vision and skill to steer Albertans away from making a safe, numbing decision come election time.

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The only things that I want to see in a new Premier for Alberta, is one who will actually stand up to Ottawa & actually fight for Albertans, not just talk about it or take trips to Cent. Canada to discuss his actions. We should not be apologizing for our actions or our beliefs. I too, am seriously looking at the Separation or Alliance Party of Alberta.

A growing number of people in Alberta are feeling the same way.

Thanks for commenting. I hope Albertanicus can help you in your reflections.

It is an old game to demonize Ottawa and call them the enimies. It´s done in every province, especially Alberta and Quebec. It distracts from the real issues which always helps the party in power.

To me, we need a leader who will stand up to the companies in Alberta´s minning sector so the people get our fair share. These numbers are a couple of years old, but we charge about $4/barrel for oil extraction compaired to $11 in Alaska and $12 in Norway. If we even slightly increased this, there would be no need for any other tax in the province and the province would have more money.

I think that a smart thing to do with this money would be to send it to Ottawa with the understanding it would be spent to beef up our military to defend in particular the oil sands.

One other thing that people forget is that before the oil boom, money was flowing from Ottawa to Alberta as times were tough here.

We should also use our oil wealth to research and develope other sources of energy for the future. Thinking ahead is the last thing on most governments minds though.

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