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Monday, October 17, 2005

His Ralphness

Don Martin's piece in the National Post suggests that Mr. Klein might stick around, simply because he can. Is he really wanting to be paralleled with Jean Chretien?

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A better comparison than the one Don made, (or you with Cretin, for that matter), is to E C Manning. Both led wildly popular governments that were more of a 'cult of personality' than party politics. Both served long careers, (Manning's 36 years as a member of the Legislature, 25 years as Premier, was and may still be a record for longevity in the entire British Commonwealth). Both went their entire careers without ever suffering electoral defeat. Oh yeah, and both were portrayed by the Eastern establishment as the embodiment of everything that is 'wrong' with the west.

Why am I not surprised that Don Martin couldn't see such an obvious comparison? Instead, he reaches for "... the 27-year reign of Hazel McCallion, the Mayor of Mississauga." 27 years without a promotion sounds like a typical Eastern deadbeat to me;) At least Ralph and Earnest each got one promotion in their careers, Ralph from Mayor to Premier and Manning from MLA to Premier. Poor Mrs. M, M of M seems stuck in a rut.

Excellent point, Jon.

I'm sure that Don Martin's appeal to a Toronto readership necessitated the reference to Hazel McCallion.

Your comparison to EC Manning is appropriate, and predictive of what will be coming more and more.

I'm wondering...was Manning's over-long SoCred reign part of the reason for their obliteration by the PC's? Or was it for other reasons entirely?

Thanks for stopping by.

I should have said Don Martin 'didn't use', rather than 'couldn't see'. Either way I feel free to feel offended:)

Re the obliteration of the Socreds. I think there really was no Socred Party left when Manning retired. At least, not enough of one to survive. I think it was a one man show, he never allowed much of a party structure independant from himself. After his battles with the Douglasites and the Social Credit Board I think he was reluctant to put much power in hands he didn't trust completely, and the hands he trusted most were his own.

He was, IMHO, the best Premier this province has ever had, but his one glaring weakness was that he never groomed a successor.

[Don't get me wrong, I don't particularly want to see a Social Credit government. I tried and tried in my youth to understand the disjointed ramblings of the Social Credit Board and could never quite get it to gel. The essence of it , though, doesn't strike me as all bad. Pay more when times are good so the government has more to give out when times are bad. I think perhaps Aberhart had some 'less then spectacular' ideas on how to accomplish that. On the other hand, I don't think his funny money would have been much worse than the current immigration\retirement ponzi-scheme the Gliberals have us rooked into right now.]

From what I know of EC Manning, I would have to agree about your assessment of his position as the best Alberta premier.

Your thoughts about the 'one-man-show' are also to the point. I think that some of the Alberta separatist political hopefuls need to heed this pitfall.

And finally, yes, lets have the Aberhart funny money over the Libranos money laundering.

I think its in all our best interests to get into the PC party and force a leadership race...we need new blood, and frankly, I'm sick of watching this directionless government lumber on losing 10 seats per election to liberals and making unpalatable concessions to the feds...when will Ralph quit?..when the Reds are the official opposition?

Urban moderate Albertans are voting libs in as a change...any change.

I think responsible Albertans should get in touch with Ted Morton and touch off a coup to get a leadership race...that can be done by voting en mass for a leadership review at this year's PC AGM.

Thanks for the comments WLM,

Your suggestion regarding a Morton-led PC party is probably the most realistic opportunity for pro-Albertan change that does not capitulate to the status quo.

Although such an option won't satisfy committed separatists, the lack of critical mass for the separatist option leaves it in the realm of wishful thinking.

The Alberta blogosphere has a significant separatist contingent, but are there numbers of bloggers explicitly supporting Morton?

I'd sooner see Ted Morton in the SPA, but if wishes were fishes beggars would be pretty darn tired of seafood. Ted Morton as Premier is probably the best of all POSSIBLE outcomes, and you're right Albertanicus, separatists may not like it but it would destroy their cause.

With or without separation, however, it is essential that Alberta regain control of those areas of Provincial jurisdiction that have been usurped by the federal government, policing, education, health, child services, etc., they are even encroaching onto municipalities now. We need a government that will vigourously defend Alberta against an increasingly rapacious federal government.

Although I am a separatist, my overriding desire is to see my children bear and raise my grandchildren in a free and prosperous and DEMOCRATIC country. Whether that is in a reformed Canada or an independant Alberta doesn't matter so much, I just don't think Canada will reform.

The below is a thought that occurred to me, in the light of recent posts somewhere or another concerning the eastern origins of the phrase 'western alienation'. It's a little OT, but...

The term Western Alienation is an eastern plot to trivialize the problem and obfuscate its true foundation, and that is western disenfranchisement. Alienation is just an emotion, a feeling, a thing of no real substance or value. Disenfranchisement is a whole 'nother story, rather than an airy-fairy emotion within me, it is an act that is perpetrated upon me from an outside source. When they call it alienation it is a problem with me that needs to be corrected, if they call it disenfranchisement it becomes a problem with Ottawa that needs to be corrected.

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