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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The NEP2 Kyoto Propaganda Machine

While hunting down some Sierra Club stuff, I was shocked to find the following:

Sierra Club of Canada Prairie Chapter and Evergreen Theatre collaborated to produce "Going to Extremes!", an interactive theatre presentation that encourages students to take action individually and in their communities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The production was shown in 100 schools throughout Alberta and reached over 25,000 students in grades 7 to 9.

Yes. The shock comes from seeing this propaganda in Alberta.

For further shock, look who is paying for it.

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Now that's disgusting. I have to link back to this one.

I think the 5th columnists of the left have learned the value of early childhood developmental indoctrination...Hitler had the "hitlerjugend" (Hitleryouth)...Mao had the red guard and Kim Jong has a similar state political indoctrination vehicle for the nation's youth.

Why wouldn't a communist philosophical off-shoot like green/environmental communism ( which respects no private property, detests free market capitalism and rallies for the power of the single party state to appropriate all property and regulate it)have a similar youth indoctrination scheme. The key to green communism is getting someone brainwashed with sufficient lies and fears that they will accept errant political solutions that are self damaging....they must make the "green" indoctrinate disciple feel "guilty" for living a normal modern life. The trappings of free market capitalism and democracy are demonized as "against nature"...only statist collectivism, state controled matrialism and bronze age technology is "morally rightious".

Once personal guilt is installed in the subject, it is easy to make the guilt ridden indoctrinate repent for their sins by rendering up their freedoms,property, and revenues to an omnipotent green nanny state who knows what's best for us all and will put anyone who disagrees with the earth-mother doctrine in a gulag along with evil "earth-killer capitalists".

Green cultist Bolshevism...this is the core of dogmatic environmentalism....and it must be stomped out as surely as fascism, communism or any other despotic purile political solutions that have plagued free men in the past century.....now it appears we must deprogram our children from their political conditioning.

It is always best to intall the basic value that responsible conservation is a duty but political environmentalism is neither responsible nor a reasoned civil solution.

Well said. The 'guilt' you mention is the motivator for the dogmatism of the enviro-lobby.

What a bondage to live under! And yet such a slavery ought to be experienced by everybody, according to their lobbyists.

This highlights a point which I repeatedly make, that political debate from Central Canada is always set in a moral framework.

That's how Ontario can be 'just' in distributing Alberta's unjust gain.

Speaking of whack-o science... It boggles the mind how they can tell that we are causing global warming. It has been happening through out history, but they are basing it on the last 100 or so years. it's like telling someone what their whole day was like, after only witnessing 5 seconds of it.

Sycorax: You are correct, the science behind Kyoto is ,of course, fraudulent.
There is NO scientific fact to assume that CO2 causes warming or that the amount that we put in the air has any effect on weather patterns....the sun and the ocean are 96% contributors to climate change and solar flaring is the rational cause of warming while natural volcanism and boreal fire is the largest factor in warming. Kyoto's false logic does not explain how the globe experienced drastic heating and cooling trends before the invention of capitalism and the SUV.

No, Kyoto theory is all about making you feel fear and guilt for propspering and wants to solve that by redistributing your wealth, freedoms and productivity through a punitive global taxing/regulating scheme to undeveloped nations that Kyoto's inventors have invested money in...it's about an open 5th column effort to elevate North American urban liberal guilt to a point of self destruction of our economy and civil freedom. Yhink about it...Kyoto puts unelected global regulators in charge of regulating our fuel use and punitively taxing us....whe will be at a distinct economic disadvantage to nations in the tropics and sub tropic that do not need heating fuels....we will also put government in charge of regulating our mobilityand ability to market where we will.

Kyoto is, in essence, a draconian economic and civil regualtory policy using the asinine premise of carbon as a poison and tradable commodity...this is as fraudulent as fiat currency and fractional reserve banking....and it's perpetrated by the same plundering globalist elite.

It scares the hell out of me to see useful idiots like the Sierra Club robots selling us out and pasting happy face cloying PR fluff on a frothing monster like Kyoto. It's living proof that every generation has fools who embrace slavery.

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