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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Out of Touch

It appears that some folks believe the West could still get in if it became more Ontario friendly.

For example:

Perhaps the problem of Western separatism, especially in Alberta, resides not in the fact that Ontario doesn't vote for "our" party, but rather why the CPC cannot adapt to a national level of policy that Ontario and Quebec can vote for? Perhaps it is not all Paul Martin's fault (although he has some blame to take) for western-alienation, but rather the slogan "The West Wants In" and it's protege Stephen Harper leading the neo-Conservative cause doesn't make our concerns feel real to the East. Perhaps it's our approach to Ontario that is standing in our way?
And just in case you've finally realized your folly, this sentence confirms it:
It's time for the west to get back in - back in touch with the rest of the country.

If refusing to join lock-step with Ontario's national suicide means that I'm "out of touch", then sign me up for a horse and buggy!

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Amen... signing my name as well.

I do not care what ontario thinks, or wants. I live in Alberta. I only care what Alberta needs or desires. To support ontario is to support a dead nation, with fake national institutions. It is impossable for me to think like the people of ontario. The game is over for me.

Going "back in" to What??? If Ont. & Quebec do not want to listen (or even hear) us, why would we bother? Alberta needs a strong leader, not a mouth-piece who bends in the wind once the wind from Cent. Canada blows his way. I believe in Separation of Alberta, but first we have to take the same steps that Quebec has already taken to protect what we have worked hard for, these past many years.

thanks for the comments ABF, brookcee, and Lou-Lou.

The need to 'protect what we have worked hard for" is an important consideration in any major change to Alberta's relationship with Canada.

But we must also think of the potential advantages that may accrue from just such a change.

We need both conservation and advancement in the prosperity department.

Where to start? "The West Wants In" motto came nearly 20 years ago. So much has happened since, and so much has changed that the little line does not apply anymore, but Ontarians think it does. How quaint. It seems that it just got noticed among some Ontarians. Does that suggest that they are 20 years behind in terms of where we are? It does to me.

prosperity and advancement will come with a free Alberta!! it is time to move on!! Canada is for our new G.G. to sell to those who clutch at straws. As for protection, Ralph talks like the big dog but he is a federalist. So he has no bite! not the guy to lead. Im not critical of Ralph, I like him! He has been the only political party head to really do what he said he was going to do, but he is to soft in the middle. Canada is Ontario, Alberta is not Ontario, Alberta is not Canada!!!

I would not consider Dylan a real Albertan but someone who believes he is even theough he has accepted a globalist mentality. Dylan will be working in ewither oTtawa Toronto or Montreal or New York or some similar globalist center bfore you can say sell out.

Frankly he seems to present the eastern self centered attitude from an Alberta frame of reference.

He seems to not realize that for alberta continued confederal association with Ottawa has no net fical benefit. Perhaps he confuses his personal aspirations as a federal employee or contractor to be the best interests of the wider alberal population...at any rate, the sentiment that would apologise for easten establiment hubris and greed is certainly out of the mainstream of native born Alberta thinking.

BTW Alberticanus I love your blog and must compliment you on having one of the most rational and open Alberta political blogs I've seen. I'll drop by often if you'll have this battered old reformer turned separatist.

Thanks WLM

See my latest post for further thank-yous!

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