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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Putting the Western Back Into Western Civilization

During some of my ruminations about the need for a critical mass of pro-Alberta think-tanks, I was reminded of something that prompted me to start this bog.

Western Civilization is under attack on numerous fronts.

From the Islamicist attacks on the Twin Towers to the Marxist attacks on the ivory towers. Both instances exemplify the way that the freedom enjoyed in the West is undercut by its beneficiaries.

For example, think of how ironic it is to see Shariah law advanced in a democracy. It is the freedom to destroy freedom. Even though the Soviet has fallen, academic Marxism continues to evangelize successive crops of freshmen
(like this one here: Nechwamps gave me a copy of Ward Churchill’s “A Little Matter Of Genocide”, and that started a read-through of several Churchill books, a kind of second wave that followed my read-through of Noam Chomsky. Ward and Noam are kind of like security blankets for me now. Every once in a while I come across their fresh writings on the Internet, and, no matter how bad the news they bring, I feel a sense of relief that somewhere in this insane world there are still at least two sane people.)

Along with Alberta's rising desire for maturity and growth in economic and political freedom, should there not also be a rise in desire for cultural freedom? The question is, 'which culture?' Should Alberta be a bastion for paleo -Marxism? Or how about Islamofascism? Albertans would say no to these suggestions.

So what culture should be encouraged? Albertans in the main would reply that theirs was the culture of Western Civilization.

So why is there no 'great books' program in Alberta's universities (maybe there is and I am unaware of it)? Where are the cultural think-tanks and institutes that would establish Alberta as a bastion of principled thinking based on the foundations of Western Civilization.

What I'm advocating is a groundswell of discussion, reflection and application of those things that have made Alberta great. Such things are what has made the West the destination of the world (as much as the West is denounced).

Is it just me, or does it seem like the only people talking about these things are bloggers?

Where are the academic equivalents of the MSM?
Probably lecturing to the next class of proto-Marxists.

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Actually, it's not just bloggers, where I am anyway. I work in the trenches, and have people coming up to me all the time starting the discussion on these type of issues.

That is certainly true.

I guess I'm wondering where are the 'leaders' in society who should be talking about these things.

People are fed up. But our society's leaders are too busy consolidating power to notice.

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