Monday, November 28, 2005 

NeoCons and Separatists

Now that the Federal government has been defeated, the slurring of un-Canadian non-Liberals has begun. Martin denounced '
the alliance of the neoconservatives and the separatists.' As Mr. Martin rallied his supporters ('as if he had won the vote' ---Mansbridge) he called for a comparison between the two visions of Canada, the Liberal vision, and the Conservative one.

Ontario voters will choose the Liberal vision, purely out of fear of the unknown Conservative one. Ontarians care little about a politician that is horribly corrupt, just so long as he has Bono's home phone number. They will be more upset over the Christmas election, than the corruption of the Liberals. They will blame the Conservatives for the Christmas election anyways because the Liberals told them that Harper was to blame.

It is a tragic state of affairs, especially when some of the best and brightest young minds in Canadian politics are standing behind Stephen Harper.

History may look back on the Ambroses, Jaffers, and Kenneys as the 'lost generation' of Canadian politics.

It is noteworthy that these bright young minds are from Alberta. And if they decide to apply their skills to building a better Alberta without reference to Ottawa, then the political landscape will be drastically renovated.

Until then Canadians sit at the whims of Ontario voters, of whom the words of the apostle Paul seem sadly fitting:

"... you gladly bear with fools, being wise yourselves!" (2 Corinthians 11:19)

Saturday, November 26, 2005 

Culture of Entitlement Part III

To recap the first two point of the Wells analysis regarding the shift in North American society:

1. Character has been replaced by Personality.
2. Virtues have been replaced by Values.

Wells adds these further points:

3. Nature has been replaced by the Self.

It used to be that people would cite certain behaviour as being "human nature," meaning that it was common to all people. Today, there are no common experiences, only the unique and personally interpreted experience of the Self. This focus on the Self is epitomized in the statement, "It just seems right for me." There is no regard for rightness or truth that is universal to all. It only matters if it is right or true in the eyes of the Self.

This is how an individual can justify murder, adultery, stealing---without remorse. It is because they look at the action through the eyes of the Self, and from that perspective alone, it seemed like the right thing to do. It doesn't matter that the rest of the world thinks their actions are wrong!

4. Guilt has been replaced by Shame.

Again the external standard/ internal standard shift is evident in the replacement of Guilt with Shame. Guilt was something that was objectively assessed, as in a court of law. You might not feel guilty, and still be guilty, because Guilt is objective.

But Shame is subjective. Shame is the feeling I get when I don't meet standards of approval. The modern therapy culture tells everyone to reject Shame. It tells us not to "feel bad," but to "feel good."

After a while, we are so bent on avoiding feelings of Shame, that we become Shame-less. But since Shame has replaced Guilt, we are also Guilt-less, in our minds.

And so individuals can do cruel or crooked things, while claiming innocence, and refusing to feel troubled by it (certain politicians and murderers come to my mind--or an ex-spouse or ex- business partner may come to yours).

In my next post, I want to apply these ideas to what Judge Gomery calls the "culture of entitlement" in the Liberal governing party.

Thursday, November 24, 2005 

Culture of Entitlement Part II

The Federal Tories new non-confidence motion takes aim at the Liberal government's "culture of entitlement."

And while Mr. Harper is trying to right-wise a disintegrating nation, his purported friends act like his enemies.

It is noteworthy that new Alliance leader Paul Hinman got a nod from the national CP wire saying, "I think the premier is so far off to the left he doesn't see where land is." Full marks to Mr. Hinman for having a soundbyte ready that captures the sentiment.

It appears that Mr. Klein could use a tune-up lesson in "Timing Sound-bytes 101."

And finally, the respected Mr. Manning warns of the scariness of Quebec and Western separatism being on the rise if the Liberals win again.

But we must remember that cancer surgery is a scary prospect too.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 

Culture of Entitlement Part I

While taking a break from this blog, I listened to two lectures from Boston-area theologian David Wells who addressed poignantly one of the problems of our time. He said that today we live in a "culture of entitlement."

Think about it. Do we not press our "rights" at every turn, yet forsake our responsibilities? As a federal election draws nigh in the aftermath of government exploitation of public trust, I found Wells' insights to be 'a word in season'. He noted the following:
  1. Character has been replaced by Personality. Prior to the 20th century, ideas like citizenship, duty, manners, integrity were all components of one's character. However, in the 20th century, personality became esteemed. We looked for whether someone was charismatic, forceful, engaging, confident, etc. It didn't matter if they were a crook, a bad father or husband, just so long as they were funny, photogenic, and confident.
  2. Virtues have been replaced by Values. Virtues like faithfulness, honesty, truthfulness, industriousness are character traits which tend to be more objectively viewed (let your customers rate your honesty, truthfulness, etc). Values are merely things that are important to us. That means that the 'self' determines what is worthwhile or good, even if law/society/ culture--or forbid the thought-- God, says that your 'values' are selfish and hypocritical. As one commercial puts it, "You're worth it!", which is to say, you should value yourself, without reference to objective virtues.
[I hope you are thinking about some applications here!]

Monday, November 21, 2005 

Thanks to the Albertanian Connexion

Due to encouragements from many, a re-evaluation of priorities, and a resident desire to serve Albertans, (for good or for ill)----ALBERTANICUS has returned!

As others have suggested, I plan to post once or twice per week, and let the hard-news bloggers in Alberta take care of daily info. I thank all of those who offered for me to guest-post on their blogs. However, I fear that my posts would weaken, rather than strengthen any of the fine blogs out there.

As for Albertanicus, I hava learned a number of things. I will admit that my intentional investigation into the status of the separatist movement in Alberta has helped me note who the significant players are, and what prospects they have.
I have not been convinced of the separatist option as a viable one thus far. I am still open to dialogue about this option, and wish to see it discussed more.

First and foremost, however, I am for Alberta. As a result, I intend to comment on Alberta's place in the world and in its relationship to Canada---whether current or potential.

I hope that some of my readers will not be upset that I'm not clearly siding with one pro-Alberta option over another. But I do wish to keep the dialogue going

So with blog in hand I will speak my mind and repeat the visionary anthem of all Albertans, "Don't Fence Me In"

Monday, November 07, 2005 


Since I can't devote enough time to this blog, I'm going to shut down for two weeks, at which point I'll decide whether Albertanicus will stay current or not.

I don't wish to waste the precious time of people who have faithfully read these thoughts over the last while.

I thank you all for your patronage.

I'll be back in 2 weeks.

Saturday, November 05, 2005 

The Slimmest of Federal Hopes

The news that the Conservatives are ahead of the Liberals by a smidgen will be cause for celebration among Blogging Tories, like the coming of rain to a desert land.

But the simple fact is that the Conservatives will have their hopes dashed by Ontario.

I hate to be such a pessimist, but Ontario voters are far too leaky a vessel to put much hope in.


A Quote in Context

"The government is preaching democracy but it doesn't know anything about democracy," said 24-year-old banker Senaye Lema."

Which government is referred to here?


Here is a bit more context:

The latest violence began in the capital, a stronghold of opposition groups who accuse Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of rigging his way back to power in polls in May.

Most shops in Addis Ababa remained shut on Saturday, but a few residents were out, suggesting a slow return of confidence.

"The government is preaching democracy but it doesn't know anything about democracy," said 24-year-old banker Senaye Lema.

"They lost power through elections but they are hanging on through the gun...They only know how to rule through gunfire. They are preaching false democracy."

Yes, this is Ethiopia. But the "preaching of false democracy" by a corrupt government trying to hang on to power by every desparate means available sounds vaguely familiar.

Friday, November 04, 2005 

All I Want For Christmas...

While Layton doesn't expect to get his Healthcare-NEP deal, the likelihood of a Christmas-time election increases.

Since the West has higher voter turn out consistently, and Ontario is marked by apathy anyways, maybe a Christmas election is one of the few scenarios that could allow the Conservatives to win.

Just remember folks, that even if the CPC formed the government for the next few years, there is no way that they could establish a political dynasty stretching over generations the way the Liberals have. The only dynasty the CPC can have is in Alberta, and even that has been fiddled with far too often.

Thursday, November 03, 2005 

The NDP Agenda--An NEP for Healthcare?

Much has been posted about Jack Layton's lust for notoriety and his posturing as the 'balance of power'.

But there is a greater concern that Albertans should be thinking about. One that isn't getting much attention.

The NDP intends to strong arm the Liberals into accepting a new healthcare deal.

Layton's agenda is to wipe out private health clinics. He wants to penalize provinces that allow them.

In other words, he wants to punish Alberta.

My guess is that the penalties which Alberta might incur from the NDP plan would mean the withholding of healthcare monies by the Feds.

It would be like an NEP for healthcare. Alberta's money gets taxed away and distributed to other provinces, while none of it comes back to Alberta.

Yep. It sounds like an Ontario-centric NEP plan again.

And with Mr. Layton advancing his agenda, any NEP will do.


Airdrie Eco-Propaganda?

In the heart of Alberta's conservative consciousness, the mobilization of the eco-lobby has begun.

In a 'special' for the Airdrie Echo titled, "Global Exchange Involves Youth in Green Issues" the Alberta Eco-Camp is promoted:

The camp focused on grassroots campaign organization and a non-violent approach to issues regarding the province’s oil industry."

So while their parents are working either in the downtown office towers, or wellsites of the oilpatch, the kids are getting propagandized from:

"various other international environmental organizations, such as Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network and the Ruckus Society"

Two questions emerge.

First, does the Airdrie Echo believe that it is offering unbiased reporting of the Eco-camp, or does it admit that it supports the radical, and often illegal activism of groups like Greenpeace?

Second, do parents know where their kids are, and who is influencing them?

Airdrie parents better watch out or they'll be tripping over their kids at the sit-in outside of the oil company building.

The 'non-violent' eco-lobby is being raised in your own backyard.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005 

Liberals Want You Tired of Gomery

Doesn't the walking-on-egg-shells attitude about the inevitable election leave you feeling sick?

Democracy is treated so whimsically. It has to 'work around' the Christmas shopping rush. Why can't we have fixed election dates? But then, what would the Federal spin-doctors do when they must face an unflinching appointment with accountability? Imagine the Gomery report coming out in the last weeks of a campaign for a fixed election date!

The Liberal reliance on voter fatigue is a regular winning strategy. And now that the condemnation of the Gomery report is upon them, the Liberals will jerk voters around until wearied minds cry, 'Uncle' and let the crooks stay in the House.



No this is not a report of Mr Chretien offering a repentant confession.

It's just me apologizing for an unannounced depletion in blogging production...with Gomery out, it's a bad time to be down with the blog-flu.


AdScam Flashback

Remember how the American blogger Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters broke the publication ban and gave us the scoop on the Brault testimony?



For a round-up of Gomery-related news from the blogosphere's perspective go to Small Dead Animals, here.


Someone's Remembering

There is a nice series of profiles on Canadian war heroes posted by Candace at Waking Up on Planet X here, here, here, and here.

In light of the record of scandal we've been watching on TV, doesn't our government's corruption hold the fallen dead in contempt?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005 

The Vindication of Criminality

The spectacle is a tragic comedy. Jean Chretien is beginning his crusade to vindicate his criminality.

The Gomery report has laid blame on Chretien, and the '
culture of entitlement' that he created in the Liberal government.

Chretien retorted by blaming everyone except himself, showing his contempt for the privilege of leadership, as well as his contempt for Canadians.

And what of Paul Martin? Mr. Martin has deflected blame away from himself and onto his rival Chretien. The MSM is touting the Gomery report as a triumph for Martin.

Martin may have enough of the Liberal skill that will eke out another election win.

If he does it will be the greatest irony of our time---and our greatest shame.

An election win for the Liberals would be nothing less than the vindication of criminality.


Getting Out of the Greenhouse

It's good to see Alberta resisting the Kyoto-ideology advanced by the Feds. We shall see how it plays out.


The Crush of Religious Boot-heels

When will the West wake up to the fact that consistent Islam is reflected in the belief and practice of the Jihadists? Our Muslim neighbours who buy Guess jeans, carry I-Pods and drive BMW's might be pretty peace-loving, but they are inconsistent Muslims.

True Islam, the so-called 'religion of peace' is the type produced when life is extinguished under a boot-heel. Islam does not mean peace, but rather

Now all of the Post-Modernists out there will try to tell me that there is no right and wrong. But try to do that when you hear of the beheading of 3 Christian schoolgirls. This sort of thing has been done constantly by the Jihadists, with little notice from the MSM.

Of course someone will say that numerous atrocities have been done in the name of Jesus Christ. But the massive difference is that such deeds were done
inconsistently with the Christian message. They were always done by people whose understanding of Jesus Christ and his 'good news' was superficial or warped.

Our age neither hates evil nor loves good in any significant degree. Jesus said that it makes him want to puke (Revelation 3:16).


How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?

The horizon is darkening for Alberta farmers. In the midst of the overflow of prosperity from the oilpatch, farmers are finding it difficult to make ends meet.

It used to be that when grain prices were low, cattle prices were high and vice-versa. This diversification helped to keep farmers afloat in years past.

The diverisfication of Alberta farms goes back to the late 19th century when people like George Lane of the Bar U Ranche were calling for change. He prophesied that the days of open range ranching were essentially over, and a diversified cattle-farming had to take its place. That was the genesis of the Alberta feedlot industry. Today, most farmers and ranchers have a bits of both cattle and grain.

But this diversification doesn't cut it anymore. With BSE and the continued price strangling of the Canadian Wheat Board, it is difficult to make a profit. The input costs are so great that the farmer must have a bumper crop just to break-even. And you can guess how infrequent the bumper crops are.

Alberta farmers aren't asking for handouts (you can ignore the few squeaky wheels) they just want the freedom to be able to market their commodities without the hinderance of the government. Even then there isn't much money to be made, but it's better than nothing.

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