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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Culture of Entitlement Part II

The Federal Tories new non-confidence motion takes aim at the Liberal government's "culture of entitlement."

And while Mr. Harper is trying to right-wise a disintegrating nation, his purported friends act like his enemies.

It is noteworthy that new Alliance leader Paul Hinman got a nod from the national CP wire saying, "I think the premier is so far off to the left he doesn't see where land is." Full marks to Mr. Hinman for having a soundbyte ready that captures the sentiment.

It appears that Mr. Klein could use a tune-up lesson in "Timing Sound-bytes 101."

And finally, the respected Mr. Manning warns of the scariness of Quebec and Western separatism being on the rise if the Liberals win again.

But we must remember that cancer surgery is a scary prospect too.

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Ahh... but cancer surgery has progressed so it is less invasive, separation could be made the same. The AA wants to take it in baby steps to get more provincial power, so the there would be no need for shock therapy. I'm not in agreement, of course, but it is an avenue.

Good to see you back. I agree with MacKay's comment. Duct tape the motormouth from Alberta!!! Is he really a Liberal in Conservative Colors? You really have to wonder???

I am sure that Harper & the Federal Conservatives would be much happier if Klein just crawled back into his hole.

I should have clarified my hanging ending.

My thought was that although any kind of 'surgery' is scary, it is often gravely necessary. To ignore the need for surgery is foolishness.

Thanks ABF, your extension of my analogy is well put ( re: Less invasive/baby steps/shock therapy).

I don't get it. What is so wrong with anything Ralph said? Which of his statements is untrue? If they are true why shouldn't he be allowed to say them?

I also believe that the probable outcome of the election will be another Gliberal minority, am I disallowed from saying that or is it only Ralph who is forbidden to tell the truth?

I think Ralph brings up health care every federal election because it is a MAJOR concern and he is trying to force the CPC into publicly accepting Alberta's desire to return control of health care to the province, where it belongs. The best thing the CPC could do is say that they would respect the fact that health care is constitutionally the responsibility of the provinces and that they would act cooperatively with the provinces in seeking solutions.


I would say that Ralph is completely within his rights to say what he wants. But it does betray a sense of bad-timing to be voicing his negative opinions when he should be showing solidarity with Harper and the boys. It isn't about whether or not he thinks the election will go one way or another, it's about being unconditionally supportive in the public forum of those whom he privately promised to support.

If I were in Harper's position, I would be rolling my eyes too.

As Jon said, I agree with the truth of Ralph's prediction.

However, the Ruminator is right--the timing of Ralph's statement means that Ralph is trying to torpedoe Harper, or that Ralph is so self-satisfied with his own position that he is careless about the fortunes of Western federal interests.

With the Liberals in power, Klein has an easy 'foil'which shows him to look conservative and right-wing. But as Albertans know Klein is more of a pliable centrist, and therefore more like the federal Liberals.

If the CPC were elected in Ottawa, Klein's centrism would be exposed.

Of course, if the Alberta Alliance or Separation Party of Alberta were able to gain some provincial electoral success, then Klein's centrism could be exposed too.

I am glad to see you decided to stay blogging.

Of interesting note, Paul Hinman was also written about in the Calgary Sun today by Link Byfield. I think this is great exposure for us. Paul is a great guy who we are hoping will lead us full tilt into the next election.

So long as Westerners fail to get much rifle practice in, their mini explosions won't amount to much.

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