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Monday, November 07, 2005


Since I can't devote enough time to this blog, I'm going to shut down for two weeks, at which point I'll decide whether Albertanicus will stay current or not.

I don't wish to waste the precious time of people who have faithfully read these thoughts over the last while.

I thank you all for your patronage.

I'll be back in 2 weeks.

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I hear ya.

I was facing the same dilemma a month or so ago and decided to shut 'er down.

Who says you have to post everyday. Some days I just don't have time for the computer. But you shouldn't give it up totally, just because you don't have alot of time.

I hope you decide to stay...even if it's only posting once or twice a month.

I'm with Aizlynne. Although I know what its like to have a busy life.

If you do decide to shut down, I'd be more than willing to post (or cross-post) stuff for you on NewAlberta.net (for those days when you can't resist speaking out.)

Ditto! I hope you come back, but if not you're welcome to guest post anytime!

I hope that you continue to maintain your blog. I enjoy reading it.

If you decide that you simply can not devote the time, then I do hope to see you on Project Alberta from time to time. The movement to protect Alberta interests from Canadian politicians needs strength in numbers.

All the best to you, whatever is your decision! :)

I agree with Aizlynne that you should post every once in a while. Especially (need I repeat that?) when an election arises.

You gotta get back in the saddle!

Dude.. ya can't quit, your posts are to good. Only post once a week if time is short... but whatever you decide, we'll understand.

Just wanted to let you know: my blog readers and I have come to a decision - our counter to the Liberal movement to "wear black" and "wear red" on Fridays "until our troops come home", will be "Operation Green shirt/ Yellow ribbon".

On Fridays, to show our support for the troops AND their mission, we will wear green, and to show our hope for them to come home safe, soon, and victorious, we will also wear a yellow ribbon on our lapel or around our wrists.(pictures at my site soon) Please spread the word any way you can! Thanks in advance.

A great site, well done. Thanks for the thoughtfull insight. Enjoy your free time. No one has enought.

A thought. With the time demands of running a site and staying current, perhaps joining forces with a number of like minded friends to form a super site with time shared would be an option for you. Or perhaps becoming a guest writer another site! I'm sure there are many who value you input. I for one look forward to checking your site each day, even if i don't post that often. Thanks!!

In light of so many invitations, it seems like overkill but you are welcome to post at civitatensis as well, should decide not to keep blogging on your own.

Things are about to get more interesting in the province, and voices such as yours are sorely needed.

I'll miss you if you decide to go, Albertanicus, but do what is best for you. My advice, with my self interest highest in mind, is to keep the blog and update it as often or seldom as you wish. Guestblogging or teamblogging would also work well for me but I repeat, do what's best for you.

It has been a pleasure reading your thoughts, sir. Alberta is a better place for having citizens such as yourself.

I had the same problem....it's a matter of having the time to devote to a daily blog entry....I restrictb my entries now to items that are important...at lreast to me.

Don't shut 'er down yet..,,,not till after the election....this is where the Canadian blogesphere will network and work to remove the criminals in office from Ottawa.....we need your bandwidth.

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