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Monday, November 28, 2005

NeoCons and Separatists

Now that the Federal government has been defeated, the slurring of un-Canadian non-Liberals has begun. Martin denounced '
the alliance of the neoconservatives and the separatists.' As Mr. Martin rallied his supporters ('as if he had won the vote' ---Mansbridge) he called for a comparison between the two visions of Canada, the Liberal vision, and the Conservative one.

Ontario voters will choose the Liberal vision, purely out of fear of the unknown Conservative one. Ontarians care little about a politician that is horribly corrupt, just so long as he has Bono's home phone number. They will be more upset over the Christmas election, than the corruption of the Liberals. They will blame the Conservatives for the Christmas election anyways because the Liberals told them that Harper was to blame.

It is a tragic state of affairs, especially when some of the best and brightest young minds in Canadian politics are standing behind Stephen Harper.

History may look back on the Ambroses, Jaffers, and Kenneys as the 'lost generation' of Canadian politics.

It is noteworthy that these bright young minds are from Alberta. And if they decide to apply their skills to building a better Alberta without reference to Ottawa, then the political landscape will be drastically renovated.

Until then Canadians sit at the whims of Ontario voters, of whom the words of the apostle Paul seem sadly fitting:

"... you gladly bear with fools, being wise yourselves!" (2 Corinthians 11:19)

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It will be interesting to see whether the Libs use the scary tactic. I am not sure how much people will buy into the PC's are scary mantra.

Canada has always been this way. The people of Ontario really do believe that we are backwater hicks. They are looking for anything that reinforces their already made up minds. Liberals are motivated by what they believe is a just society, and conservatives could restrict that society. Ontario has always considered themselves as Canada's social yardstick. If their political representatives steal a few hundred million, thats OK. The nations social fabric is more inportant and weather we are divided since it being created is not. The center and east will always believe that the west is here to serve them, they can only continue to do that with their people in power. So don't get upset if stealing, fraud, kickbacks etc don't bother them at all. It just part of doing business. I would love the brite and tallented Albertians to think only of home and push Alberta's independance. Working for Canada never has or will do anything for Alberta and the west. WE DO NOT NEED CANADA.

It's sad, but it really doesn't matter. Either way we win. If the CPC gets in, we win with a conservative voice, if they don't, they one last timers will create a groundswell in the separatist movements. My choice would be to exit Canada before the election....

Thanks All,

Does the independence movement in Alberta require some of the legitimacy of politicians with established reputations (--that might be an oxymoron).

I'm thinking specifically about disgruntled federal Conservatives who might be convinced to work at the provincial level.

Albertanicus, that might be what it will take. Should the Conservatives lose the next election, I hope there will be at least a few noble Alberta politicians willing to consider...

What Mike said... I've been working on that a little, firing of emails to a few of them now and again. They always reply back, and don't outright reject the idea.. so I guess we have to see where the election goes.

ABF, Mike:

If the SPA or AA landed two or three blue-chip candidates from the Federal arena, you would see the Alberta electorate and Alberta MSM consider the serious reality of the independence option.

I believe they would, but the SPA has issues at the moment, no doubt at a key time in the program, so it would probably have to be in the AA short term. A more visible candidate would definitely bring either of them more exposure, as a lot of frustrated people are looking for a really strong independence party to call home.


The SPA "has issues" meaning they are moving ahead with their own plans now, or they have 'issues', meaning 'problems' of an internal nature?

Just curious, and hoping it is the former.

They won't recognize the new board of directors, or hold leadership elections. There's still a big scrap going on over there, and if democracy can't be respected now, what happens after? ... I'm hoping it will be sorted out soon. This is what triggered the creation of the Western Canada Party.


That's unfortunate.

Such hurdles are the initial tests of whether a party is viable and stable.

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