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Monday, December 12, 2005

CPC: The Colonial Party of Canada

I have not given up on this blog...though my posts are pretty infrequent.

The truth is that there is nothing upon which I care to comment. The federal election, which marches onward witnessed Harper's best week in his political career, and yet the polls signal the Tories dropping in support! This is cause for despair. And it would be worse if it wasn't so predictable.

Ontario will never vote for a true right of centre party, especially one with a Westerner as its leader. In their mind it is like choosing a Sudanese Chieftain or an Indian Brahmin to be the King of England! The imperialists will never allow the colonials to rule over them (unless the imperialists are totally in control--witness Red Western Tories like Joe Clark, Kim Cambell, etc).

We will vote, and watch injustice reign.

But will Westerners engage in the fundamental spade-work that is required to transform the West from being adolescent upstarts into leaders and champions among the globe's best and brightest?

I fear that pouring our best energies into the Ottawa pit of futility will rob Alberta's next generation of the potential that could be theirs. And while we accommodate ourselves to the worldviews of the Central Canadian elites (a post-modern, politically correct, socialist hegemony), their message is quietly converting many young Albertans to their cause.

As I have said in the past, the challenge for a new Albertanism is not merely a political one, but one that touches the heart of our collective identity and worldview.

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Albertians frustrations will continue, until they decide to do something about it. sad....Many out there do not believe that Albertians have a identity or provincal view, never mind a national or world view. The elites in central and eastern Canada are counting on Albertians blind loyalty. That attachment to history and tradition of being goood! Canadians Our future is else where and Im encouraged when in a recent informal poll, a large number of young Albertians believed it was time for Alberta to explore it's options!! The west and Alberta has and will always be concidered a colony. Why? else would they take without fear of any political backlash. Because they do not politically need the west and more often than not could use a whipping boy to serve their pupose for relection. I admire the young though, they seem to have that energy to try and persue the pollitical dreams of Alberta. It is a shame Knowing that they too will be beatin down in time. I hope they see that it truly is time for Alberta to move on,

All we can do short term is keep trying... if it doesn't work out, I'll be Texas bound for a little sanity. No point in staying here if the status que will be dictatorial rule and sheep going to the slaughter. Will know by summer which way were headed.

There are enough angry Albertans who have given up on the federal system to support a provincial independence movement....it no longer needs a "spark" to touch it off...the fire rages in the breasts of most Albertans now. All it needs is leadership to step forward and focus this angst into a political movement which will take Alberta to the next stage in its development. I believe that Alberta's best interests are served by disassociating with an inequitable confederal system and a hostile ideologically degenerate federal bureaucracy.

To reach our true potential and become a progressive leader in North America where our social and governing models are the envy of all, we have to develop independently. This is not such an unfamiliar task as we have largely developed on our own estranged from central Canada and its centralized government in our developmental struggles for most of our 100 years. Most Albertans have had enough of the inequity and political disempowerment inherent in this decrepit confederal arrangement which only operates for the benefit of the populous center.
Now this type of mob rule democracy would be livable if we had a constitution which was strong enough to protect Alberta from the hostility of mob rule but apparently if it does, it is not apparent in any decision Ottawa appointed sycophants on the high bench. We live in seething contempt of an inequitable confederal and electoral system and a policy rubber stamp court system.

You have to be the dullest of myopics to believe that an entire region will continue to labor indefinitely under this inequity which robs them of their future and potential without some form of revolt ( be it gradual and passive or obvious and abrupt).

I'm ready to leave now without so much as a post card to Ottawa but most people I know are reluctant and are watching this election with great intensity to see if the things I predicted will come to pass.

I essentially have been advocating independence to my friends and acquaintances for the past 10 years....I have pointed to the complete control of the media in central Canada by a political-corporate-crime cabal which have deep contempt for the west's higher ethical values and an agenda of economic and political conquest of this region. Their open acts of hostility take the form of long tem media propaganda which conditions the captive audience of the populous central region to hold Alberta in the same contempt as the US and to support all the hostile federal policy towards it as "putting down American style republicanism". We are estranged politically and culturally from central Canada by a long-term contrived propaganda effort by the central Canadian power elites.

This cabal has ordained that NO western will ever be allowed to be PM let alone a western based political movement to reform and democratize the federal system....they have fought this tooth and nail for over 15 years using the most debasing lies and devious political subterfuge imaginable. This election will be no different. Harper will be demonized by the central media ( at their master's behest) as un Canadian, devious with hidden evil agendas and who wants to turn Canada into an American republic with American health care and American gun laws...he is the son of Beelzebub! It will convince enough Ontario voters to return a corrupt corporate-political criminal cartel to the PMO and the rape of the west will continue on schedule as planned...first your sovereign constitutional jurisdictions, then your property rights, then your guns. You will be a subservient welfare reliant client colony like HS after the Ottawa cartel steal your resource wealth and your individual and provincial sovereignty will be sold off to a globalist agenda.

My hope is that the people I have talked to about this fro the past decade ( who are in many ways as angry as I am with the confederal injustice but waiting to give the federal system one last go round with Harper) will see the futility of trying to reform a federal system which was designed never to be reformed and to be continuously controlled by the center as opposed to the original fathers of confederation’s concept of sovereign within right decentralization of power…separate but equal power jurisdiction. This has been degenerated into a centalist power grab by liberal statists fro the past 50 years…where we once experienced contemptuous neglect from the Ottawa based power cartel we now see an aggressive agenda of jurisdiction and wealth raiding from this cartel who hope to solidify power in the PMO.

I think when they see Harper fail, and Martin step up the wealth and jurisdictional rape they will come to their senses and realize Alberta's future is one which is free of Ottawa.

Control, manipulation and money!! That is why Co2 is now dangerous in western Canada. With additional taxation on the oil sands, the center will try very hard to keep Alberta POORER and marginalized. The elites know that their best hope at control is to infringe on Alberta at every turn. The field was never level, and never will be.

Here's hoping you were early in your prediction.

Merry Christmas!

Have a Merry Christmas and hoprfully a Great New Year!

Merry Christmas Albertanicus! all the best in the new year!

The passage you cited is an open declaration that Ontario elects our government for us and our francile does not matter.....that differing political and social iseals in the rest of the nation do not matter....Ontario controls the electoral system and the national policy agenda.

IS this Right? Progressive? Just?

How long do they really think this inequity can exist before the nation disintegrates?

Frankly, I left Canada in 2000 after witnessing almost a decade of centralized power and anti-constitutionalist governance...add to that the most vile disinformation and slanderous political campaign I have ever witnessed from the Ottawa Liberlas.

If the anti-constitutionalist Liberals, and Ontario's self centered confederalism are inseparable and if they consider these values to be "Canadian" vlaues...well I guess I never was Canadian by these standards and I may as well make it official by getting together with all the other Canadians who do not shre these values and pull us out of this nonfunctional confederal agreement.

What are we really waiting for Alberticanus???....another decade of abuse and lost wealth?

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