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Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Other Hidden Agenda

Solberg says:

Come with me now to the room where I keep my thinking caps and let me pose this crazy, hypothetical question to you. Let's say Stephen gives a speech on about three of four issues and the reporters only wanted to report on his well known answer to a question that a journalist posed after the speech. Who would you say has a barely disguised agenda? Is it Stephen Harper? Actually no. It's my journalist friends, people for whom I have a warm affection, but on this issue they are political partisans of the first order.

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What else is there. A shocking suprise!! NOT. You ever wonder why there is so many journalist is the the red chamber? A senate seat for all my friends!!!!

They are bound to twist it. The question is... how well can they rebound with their own positive optics.

Rebounding with the GST cut was brilliant.

The GST is one of the most hated institutions, yet one that no government has been willing to part with.

To promise a GST cut is the kind of concrete, positive optics the CPC needs.

...but then again, Ontarians are scared of Stephen Harper...

Ontario probably figures the CPC is like the LIEberals and won't follow through on the promises.

Of course the central media are partisan...they;re paid to be so...but more importantly they have a vulgar and obvious dual standard. The scrutiny and accountability level they hold Harper to they do not hold Martin to....so you expect this to continue...belligerent reactionary monocratic prejudice is a fact of life in the social and cultural cesspool Central Canada has become. This is the result of the politicization of central Canadian culture by the lib-left political engineering agenda.

-Of course all this media dual standards and vulgar bias would evapourate in a second if the CPC ejected Harper and western conservatives and installed a liberal- approved "progressive" ( non conservative) leader with a cntralist-corporate-political cartel sell out agenda. "Liberalized" consevative opposition will meet with glowing central media endorsement....as it was the last 60 years where the central power brokering corporate insider cartel who owns the liberal party also owned the PC party... so one party is the other side of the same coin which redies in the owner's pocket....both parties were controled by leaders who were patrons of the same political-corporate cartel...when the people get tired of the robbing done by one of their parties they have the other one elected to do their robbing for them. This gives the ignorant plebian masses the impression there is a functional multi party democracy, when in fact Canada is an oligarchy run by the PMO and the cartel who put the PM in place.

Harper and the CPC scare the hell out of them because the party is controlled by the members and the leader is not for sale...this is why the cartel's media is so vicious in attacking Harper.

They hope to offer enough mdia resistance and propagandize so much public negativity that they will dump him and then the western conservative populists will leave the party executive then they can install a bought off cartel puppet( like Belinda was supposed to do) who will install other cartel puppets in the party executive, cut off grass roots control of the party then pimp it out to the same cartel which owns the liberals.

If Harper does not win or gets a small minority government this will be what takes place....and when it does this will be strak proof to westerners, who value populist politics, open democracy and federal democratic reform, that there is no way to acheive this as long as the central cartel controls the political system and agenda in the federal system.

Our political options do not include Ottawa or it's debased political systems. Alberta's, and the west's future is best served by local political agandas which take precedent over the corrupt agenda of central power.

No doubt Solberg's statement is true of most media people...it's just that if you ARE partisan you have an ethical duty to make this known and not decieve the public into believing you are "impartial".

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